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Upgrade or repair leaks due to pressure, roots or insects.

Drip System Upgrade or Install

Valley wide, there are many drip systems, originally installed in the landscape that are low quality and have a short lifespan. Symptoms of a failing Drip system are, an increased water bill, water running into the street, or areas in the yard that puddle or never seem to dry out. As the main line starts to fail, most people “patch” the system only to find that a new leak in the line soon appears elsewhere in the system. At The Water Boy, we use only the best products available on the market. We can evaluate your system and determine if a repair or replacement is needed. Our new upgraded systems come with a lifetime warranty. Once the upgraded line is installed, you can be assured that the main line with last for up to 40 years. If it doesn’t, we’ve got you covered with our lifetime warranty. Should it ever fail, we will repair or replace at no cost to you!!

Drip System Repairs

Drip Irrigations are crucial, especially in Arizona. What would have been wasted water can be saved with an accurately installed and maintained drip system. Drip irrigation consists of valves that open and close allowing water to pass at a regulated slow speed. It needs to be regulated using a pressure regulator, bringing the pressure down to 15-30 PSI. Because drip systems deliver water to the roots using a slow application, it saves you money.

Drip systems can be installed on either the surface or near the the root zone. Due to the heat, drip irrigation is very common in Arizona. However, they are prone to sudden leaks due to damage from pressure issues, roots, or insects.

Drip systems can be formatted for the area it is being used in. Urban gardens, citrus, plants, and flowers normally should have their own separate watering schedule and valve, as they differ in how often and how much they need to be watered. Flowers, for example, enjoy root and spray application, while citrus needs to have weekly, deep watering. With proper installation and maintenance, you can be ensured to have a beautiful, healthy yard with thriving plants.

Preventative maintenance and awareness is key in having a healthy yard. If you notice any problems with your drip system, such as too much or too little water distribution, call today!


  • Service Call- $55 includes first ½ hour labor
  • Valves- start at $55
  • Controllers- Start at $210
  • Pop-up heads- start at $5
  • Drips Parts -start at $3

If you are ready to save money We can help!