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Repair and replace with an optional lifetime warranty.

The key to a successful irrigation system is the timer. This is what turns the system on and off to ensure your plants get the required amount of water in order to stay healthy. At Waterboy Irrigation Solutions we repair and replace irrigation timers with an optional lifetime warranty on all parts. When it comes to a sprinkler timer system, there are many options.

  • Timers can be installed in a waterproof box outside, or inside the home.
  • Come in 4, 6, 9, 12, and 18 station capacity.
  • You have the option to control your system from your phone.
  • Timers are either hard wired to the electrical box, or plugged into an outlet.

Irrigation timers are crucial for an efficient, water-saving irrigation system. Call today to schedule your free timer repair estimate.


  • Service Call- $55 includes first ½ hour labor.
  • Valves- start at $55
  • Controllers- start at $210
  • Pop-up heads- start at $5
  • Drip parts- start at $3

If you are ready to save money We can help!