25+ Years in the Landscape and Irrigation Industry


Fix flooding, water waste and high water bills.

Sprinkler and Irrigation valves control and regulate the flow of water for both in ground and above ground systems. They are used in both residential and commercial landscapes. Since valves are usually installed underground in a control box, they can be difficult to take on alone. Common problems involve having an underwater valve box, or improper on/off switching. These diaphragms may wear down over time and become weak, leaking water when not activated. Sometimes, they might fail to shut off completely. An improper working system could cause flooding, water waste, and also a higher water bill. Our specialists will help diagnose the problem and help get your sprinkler system functioning again.

Valves come in various sizes and brands, our team is educated in every aspect. We also offer a lifetime warranty with every repair.


  • Service Call- $55 includes first ½ hour labor
  • Valves- start at $55
  • Controllers- Start at $210
  • Pop-up heads- start at $5
  • Drips Parts -start at $3

If you are ready to save money We can help!