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Delivering the right amount of water needed.

Sprinkler repair is generally an immediate reference to overhauling your general framework; sprinkler repair is the piece of your framework that waters the grass territory. The valve opens and closes enabling the water to go through PVC pipe and apportions through the sprinkler heads. Sprinkler repair can be required for some reasons. One of the most widely recognized issues isn’t having the proper water coverage, causing dry spots in your grass areas. This is an immediate impact from not having the appropriate heads, spouts and design.

Having an automatic sprinkler system will free up all those hours you used to spend dragging a hose across your yard, hoping you didn’t miss a spot. Also, when you’re out of town, you can be worry-free when it comes to keeping your plants watered. Our systems are formatted to deliver the appropriate amount of water needed for the area they are in. Automatic sprinkler systems do the hard work for you.

You can expect numerous advantages with picking Waterboy for your sprinkler repair; for example, water conservation. We can associate your whole grass range to MP rotators. This top-grade sprinkler head gives you extraordinary coverage while diminishing your water bill significantly

Being one of the driest states within the United States, water is immensely valued. Our team is educated and trained in water conservation. Waterboy Irrigation systems will help you save not only water, but money, too. In fact, the leading cause of wasted water is runoff from sprinkler and drip systems. By investing in a sprinkler system, you will be at ease knowing you’re saving time, reducing costs, and, most importantly, saving water. At Waterboy Irrigation Solutions we offer many different repair services, including broken or damaged sprinkler heads.


  • Service Call- $55 includes first ½ hour labor
  • Valves- start at $55
  • Controllers- Start at $210
  • Pop-up heads- start at $5
  • Drips Parts -start at $3

If you are ready to save money We can help!